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Projects that I have completed in Chinatown Banquet:

Mapping Project

My Relationship to Chinatown

Restaurant Project

I'm the pensive one wearing blue.


© 2000-2001 Peter Pang

I first joined Chinatown Banquet because I wanted to apply my graphic arts and website design skills to a usable medium. Though I had previous experience, the workshops on aesthetic layout, as well videotaping interviews, opened up my eyes to journalistic art. This project helped me achieve my goal and even broadened my horizons in graphic design. In addition, it taught me about Chinatown's rich and imperative relevance to the Boston area. Quite often important history is forgotten, left only in the minds of the people who lived it. With A Chinatown Banquet, we have managed to gather this information and place it into an easily accessible outlet for all to learn on the Internet. Though this is just the beginning, Chinatown Banquet has taken great strides to overcome the obstacles of time; it steadfastly reports the history that few know, and even fewer understand. Thank you for coming to my section of the site. Hopefully through my eyes, you will be able to gain an understanding of what a Chinatown truly is.

-Peter Pang

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